Slots Games

– The Duksel Slots games do not offer real money gambling;
– The Duksel Slots games do not offer an opportunity to win real money or real prizes;
– Wins made while gambling in Duksel Free Casino Slots games can’t be exchanged into real money or real rewards;

Jackpot Game can be win by any player in any Slots game!

– Higher Total Bet increase your chance to win the Jackpot Game;
– Any spin may trigger the Jackpot Game win;
– Use Boost-2x , Boost-3x , Boost-5x to increase chance to win Jackpot Game;
– Play more! Win more!!

After you get Jackpot symbols in each reel of slot machine starts Jackpot Game. In Jackpot Game you have change to win Huge Coins rewards and Jackpot Wins!

Depend on day of the week and slot game you may win Jackpot, Huge Jackpot or ROYAL Jackpot!

To find your in-game User ID you need:
– Launch game;
– Click on your avatar in top-left corner in Lobby (main menu);
– User ID showed in top-right corner over the nickname box.

You can use gems to get special game features, like:
– Get additional free spins & increase multiplier in free spins game;
– Double wins in bonus games;
– Exchange gems to Coins , Bonus Points , Boost-2x , Boost-3x , Boost-5x ;
– Recovery coins if you lose them in risk game;
– etc.

You can use Bonus Points (Pink Shields) to play bonus games anytime you want.

1. Find “Play Bonus” button in Lobby (main menu).

2. Choose bonus game you want to play. Each bonus game has “amount of Bonus Points” required to start bonus game.

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